December 3, 2021


The spirit of business

100 many years back in Spokane: Police arrest out-of-get the job done males in attempt to raise employment

A law enforcement squad arrested 25 “alleged vagrants” in a “go to work” marketing campaign.

Law enforcement mentioned that this marketing campaign would carry on until eventually “all equipped-bodied males who have been loafing and are now without the need of funds are made to go back again to get the job done.”

The arrests took position in between 3-5 a.m. around Key and Trent avenues.

“Men of just about all nationalities are incorporated,” said the Spokane Every day Chronicle.

From the ‘town father’ conquer: James A. Glover, “the Father of Spokane,” was celebrating his 84th birthday.

His overall health, even so, experienced gone downhill.

“He is unable to wander because of ‘weeping legs,’ induced by anxious breakdown, but his spirit is agency and he is waiting for spring,” the newspaper reported.

He hoped shortly to get all-around to “view the advancements and meet my close friends of the aged, outdated city.”

He mentioned he had no intention of heading back to California, as he did the prior summer on a doctor’s recommendation. He was not delighted with the vacation and desired to stay in Spokane.

“Spokane is my idol and will be right until the very last,” he said.

From the enterprise beat: F.A. Stokes, head of Spokane’s Coloured Men’s Organization League, explained that an vehicle garage “owned and operated solely by the coloured people today of Spokane” was in the performs.

It would be called Hill’s Garage and was capitalized at $6,000, subscribed by the league’s users.

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